The Bridges of Madison County, Lakeland Civic Theatre

The cement of this production is the totally convincing relationship developed by Snider and O’Neill. Every touch, kiss, and extended eye contact screamed, “this is real love.” Very seldom do you see such real interconnectedness on stage. Bravo!
-Roy Berko, RoyBerko.info

One could not ask for a more beautiful musical rendering of this show, since the two leads, Trinidad Snider as Francesca and Shane Patrick O’Neill as Robert, deliver Brown’s evocative songs with power, tenderness and deep feeling.
-Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene

[Snider and O'Neill] are a genuine pleasure to listen to and watch, particularly when singing duets such as “One Second and a Million Miles.”
-Bob Abelman , Cleveland Jewish News

The Spitfire Grill, Beck Center for the Arts

Gevaart as Percy and O’Neill as Sheriff Sutter also come equipped with gorgeous voices that turn mediocre material into something miraculous. His “This Wide Woods” and her “A Ring Around the Moon” (and everything else she sings) are wonderful.
-Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News

Shane Patrick O'Neill was excellent as Sheriff Joe Sutter, the hometown boy longing to get on the next train out of town, but held back by an unidentified need. He has a strong singing voice that was well displayed in "Forest for the Trees."
-Roy Berko, RoyBerko.Info

The Light in the Piazza, Lakeland Civic Theatre

Fabrizio cries out in song, in his native Italian, of the impossibility of their sudden passion. His cry is magnificent—an onrush of anguish and melody and bell-ringing clarity. The sound of the human voice, perfectly placed, is distinctive. To reach that level of expertise is in itself an artistic accomplishment. But to reach that mastery and then let go of it - so that the heart's emotional storm can be given free voice - turns a good sound into a soul-stirring whisper that reaches through the music to touch our dreams. Shane Patrick O'Neil plays Fabrizio with simplicity and vulnerability. His passion and superb technique are thrilling.
-Tom Fulton, Scene Magazine

It was stunning. I have to say that I experienced that moment again listening to Shane Patrick O'Neill inhabiting the world of Fabrizio Naccarelli. When he sings, Il Mondo Era Vuoto, everything is left on the boards. A magnificent celebration of voice, character and dialect. Never losing his Italian accent for a moment of acting or singing. Through his character we get to see lucid emotions of love and honesty for Clara. We follow his struggle with both families, trying to follow his unfeigned adoration for his love.
-Kevin Kelly , Tpography.blogspot.com

Shane Patrick O'Neill is absolutely charming as Fabrizio ...
-Bob Abelman , Cleveland Jewish News

High Fidelity, Blank Canvas Theatre

O'Neill turns in a tremendous fun performance. He is so incredibly connected to the audience. He has charm, skill and a voice that is liquid gold. He is able to show all of his talents in this show, and he nails it.
-Kevin Kelly, tpography.blogspot.com

Shane Patrick O'Neill is the perfect person to play the store owner Rob, a nice guy whose full of ambition and angst.

... and then there is 'Laura, Laura,' a nice ballad, performed beautifully by our hero, the tall, skinny, handsome, Shane Patrick O'Neill, he of great voice and acting talent.
-Roy Berko , RoyBerko.info

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, The Palace Theatre

From the first lines of the first song, the actors and the material grab your attention and let you know that you’ll have fun and that you shouldn’t take this show (or yourself) too seriously. The humor is broad and campy. Jeff Blim and Kiley L. McDonald are delightful in the first scene ... but it’s the supreme awkwardness of Kelsey White and Shane Patrick O’Neill that confirm your solid appraisal of the show.
- Leah White, New England Theatre Geek

If you like laughing, head to the Palace: I recently checked out the Palace’s first show of the season, I Love You, You’re Perfect Now Change. I spent the majority of the show stretching my jaw because it was getting cramped from laughing so much. This musical is highly recommended for anyone who is married, has been in love or, heck, even if you’ve only been on a date. The four stars - Kiley McDonald, Shane Patrick O’Neill, Jeff Blim and Kelsey White - are chameleons who play so many different roles convincingly that at times it is difficult to tell who is who.
-Adam Coughlin, The Hippo